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the beloved mascot of WVU

The Mountaineer mascot is one of the most cherished of all WVU athletic traditions.

Mountaineer Appearance Request

Since 1934 the buckskin-clad, rifle toting Mountaineer has been the beloved mascot of WVU. In addition to attending all major sporting events, the mascot is frequently seen around campus and the community.

Mary Roush, 2022

Mary Roush, a native of Mason, West Virginia, is West Virginia University’s 68th Mountaineer mascot. Students who serve as the Mountaineer participate in a rigorous selection process overseen by a prestigious group of students, faculty and staff representing the University community. 

The buckskins worn by the Mountaineer are made traditionally from deer hide and are tailored for each mascot. The Mountaineer also wears a coonskin cap and moccasins and carries a powder horn along with an American-made black powder rifle. 

The Mountaineer reminds us of the strength and courage of all West Virginians and of proud traditions continuing to be passed down to future generations.   

This photograph was taken at the Heritage Point Overlook at Pipestem Resort State Park in Summers County.  

Lawson Hill, 1934-35

Lawson Hill was the first official Mountaineer in 1934.

Boyd "Slim" Arnold, 1937-39

In 1937, Boyd "Slim" Arnold was the first Mountaineer to wear buckskins.

Natalie Tennant, 1990-91

In 1991, Natalie Tennant was the first female Mountaineer.

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